Our Clients

What an awesome day… filled with great information, interactive activities, a ‘no boundaries’ safe zone for questions and answers, and lots of LOVE! You gave us so much to think about and a clear direction of where we want to be in the near future.
— Anna Schmid, Sands Hotels

“Thank you very much for providing such a comprehensive seminar. Your insight and knowledge will go a long way in how we service our guests. I hope to work together again in the future.”


“You speak on a sensitive topic in an approachable and humorous way. You can see the light bulbs going off in our attendees' heads while she speaks. There were clear takeaways and the feedback was terrific!"


“I will definitely recommend you to other EEOC Program Analysts nationally. I think there is a lot of value in doing so -- and you are a shining example of that!”

— Elaine mcarthur

“I attended your session last year and was impressed again with your wit, enthusiasm, and knowledge. You are fantastic and entertaining.”

— Chris Harrison