Equality Institute


Equality Institute provides half, full day and 1hour trainings on LGBTQ communication, customer service, cultural sensitivity, and sales and marketing. The trainings address common issues of LGBT implicit bias and LGBT microaggressions. We will customize and adapt for each company's unique needs and concerns.

Consulting, Tailored for Your Organization


Inclusivity starts with an institution's human resources and other policies. We can help your company get the coveted 100 score on the Corporate Equality Index. Our consultants will make recommendations and offer strategies to ensure your LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ employees are treated equally. We'll make recommendations on trans-inclusive restroom policies, help you set up Employee Resource Groups and guide you towards a culture of equality.


Our signature program, Dignity Through Diversity: Strengthening Teams Through Communication will ensure your team members effectively communicate with each other, no matter what how they identify or who they are. We will empower employees to feel confident connecting across cultures and celebrating differences. This training is designed to be practical, yet inspiring, while improving corporate culture and communication.


Put your front-line staff to the test. When someone who is androgynous enters your establishment, which dressing room do you send them to? What questions does your staff ask to avoid assumptions and how do they recover from awkward situations? Equality Institute provides secret shoppers to evaluate your staff, provide detailed reports on their customer experience and make recommendations on areas for improvement.

CUSTOM consulting

What's your industry? Whether your institution is in the retail, restaurant, banking, educational, government, medical - or any other field - we'll create a custom program for your team.