FLEX eLearning

We are the antidote to boring diversity eLearnings.

Most eLearnings are boring and stuffy, and seen as a “check-the-box” chore to complete while playing a game on your phone. Our model of diversity eLearning is different. We distill these concepts into practical, relatable, “A-HA!” moments in about three minutes and stay engaging while doing it.

FLEX (Flexible Learning for Employee eXcellence) is a series of short situational eLearning videos and quizzes that can be completed from any internet-enabled device or uploaded to a company's learning management system. The FLEX core content focuses on transgender and gender diverse guests. Unconscious bias and other eLearnings coming in 2019!

FLEX is available as an off-the-shelf product or can be custom-produced and tailored for your workplace and specific industry.