Equality Institute


Equality Institute provides half, full day and 1hour trainings on LGBTQ communication, customer service, cultural sensitivity, and sales and marketing. The trainings address common issues of LGBT implicit bias and LGBT microaggressions. We will customize and adapt for each company's unique needs and concerns.

Keynotes & Other Presentations

customer service training

Our signature training, Your Front Line Risk: How to Prevent a Viral Incident from Sabotaging Your Marketing Spend is an insurance policy for your other LGBTQ-inclusive efforts. If your front line employees misgender, display unconscious bias or otherwise offend an LGBTQ guest, your marketing efforts have been wasted. This training will ensure your front line employees feel comfortable and confident serving all guests.


With half of gay and lesbian couples planning to have children (and about 20% already with children), the family unit is shifting and evolving. Our signature training, Coming Out as a an LGBTQ Family, will prepare your team members on inclusive language and policies so all children, families and caregivers feel welcome in your space, resulting in astonishing brand loyalty and higher customer satisfaction scores.


Our signature training, Over the Rainbow: How to Truly Earn the Business of the LGBTQ Market, is ideal for sales team members who want to best understand how to reach, sell to and close the business of LGBTQ consumers. Whether your company is B2B or B2C, we use the most current marketing data and methodologies to ensure your team has the tools and know-how to confidently and authentically do business with our community.

Un-Assuming Assumptions

Un-Assuming Assumptions:  How to Reduce Legal Exposure by Navigating the Changing Boundaries of Gender. This presentation complements other anti-harassment and diversity and inclusion strategies and will help an organization mitigate risk. Let's face it: the rules for interacting with different genders have changed and determining what's appropriate can be overwhelming -- but this talk will cut through the noise. Our proprietary ARC Method will show employees how to avoid making incorrect assumptions, misunderstanding the new boundaries, or otherwise mistakenly offend a colleague or guest -- and how to confidently recover when it happens. 

*Training of trainers also available for all programs.