Casting Call for Transgender & Non-Binary Folks

What: A Virtual Video Project 

Synopsis: We train companies on LGBTQ inclusion, and are collecting submissions for a video project on best practices in transgender and non-binary customer service.

How to submit: Follow the instructions below carefully. Don't over think this...just be yourself. The video should be no more than 30 seconds.

Prepare a video (selfie video is fine, but please hold phone horizontally and use a solid colored background) in which you share the following 4 sentences.

"My name is ___" (first name)

"My pronouns are _____" (example: he, him, his; OR she, her, hers; OR they, them, theirs; OR others...)

"I identify as _____, ____, and _____ (as many as you want but be truthful) (some examples: male, female, trans woman, gay, cisgender, queer, black, African-American, Korean, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Brazilian, etc)

"One way to provide awesome customer service to me is to _____" (answer in your own words)

Please follow the instructions above carefully (including holding the phone horizontally) and text to 617-733-2965 or email

What happens next? If your video is selected (we’ll choose 5-7 in total), we’ll send you $15 via Venmo or PayPal.

Thank you!