Notes About Gender Diversity:

  • Gender is a spectrum - not just male and female. Some people are in between, or both, male and female. Third genders have been recognized around the world for centuries, and are now legally recognized in many states.

  • Common terms for someone who is a third gender are: non-binary, gender fluid, or gender queer.

  • This person might use the pronoun “they” or “them” instead of he or she. “They lost their ID and called public safety.”

  • Someone who is transgender does not identify as the gender they were labeled at birth.

  • A trans man is a man who was labeled a girl at birth and probably goes by “he” or “him”. A trans woman is a woman who was labeled a man at birth and probably goes by “she” or “her”. People can transition socially (in the way they look), medically, or both.

  • Never assume someone’s gender and avoid words like “sir”, “ma’am”, “miss”, “girls”, “ladies”, “gentlemen”, etc". Use terms like everyone, folks, you all, etc.

BMCC Resources

Ali Forney Center

Anti-Violence Project

  • LGBTQ economic, legal, domestic violence, counseling, & other crisis support. Free bilingual (English/Spanish) crisis intervention hotline staffed 24/7. Call 212-714-1141


Hetrick-Martin Institute

  • LGBTQ youth-specific (up to 24 years) services and programming. Call 212-674-2400