Keynotes & Other Presentations

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We believe great talks and training should be inspirational, engaging, and even entertaining…

Clients love us because we’re great at explaining key concepts to all learning styles without being overly-complicated. Using humor, vulnerability, and modern learning methodology, we get buy-in quickly, then focus on making training actionable.

Our 360 approach offers solutions for all employees: from the C-suite to the front line. And our deep experience in hospitality and business development means we understand the concerns of both internal and external clients.

We tailor each session for your team and all topics are available for in person or webinar delivery. Training of trainers also available for all programs. Each of the talks is available as a keynote or hands-on workshop.

Topics include:

  • Modern Leadership: Inspiring Success Through Inclusion & Authenticity

    This leadership presentation addresses best practices for leaders to minimize implicit bias, empower under-represented team members, and create a profitable culture of inclusion. 

  • Un-Assuming Assumptions: Strategies for an Inclusive Front Line

    This presentation is for managers and leaders of a front line team (anyone in sales and/or customer service). Front line team members can be difficult to reach for inclusion training, yet are the face of a brand. This presentation provides strategies for quick, impactful, front line inclusion training.

  • Voices Carry: Everyone’s Role as an Ally in the Workplace

    This talk raises awareness of everyone’s unconscious biases and microaggressions, and provides solutions, including the ARC Method of communication.

  • Blurred Lines: How to Navigate the Changing Boundaries of Gender

    Our definition and expectations of gender are expanding and more folks are identifying as transgender and gender diverse. This training provides best practices in interacting with transgender and non-binary colleagues and clients.

  • Over the Rainbow: How to Truly Earn the Business of the LGBTQ Market

    This engaging presentation provides the tools and language to confidently sell, market to, and serve LGBTQ+ folks, and learn how to avoid (and recover from) common microaggressions experienced by this community.

  • Hospitality for All: Creating Inclusive Meetings and Events

    Discover the tools and know-how to confidently sell, market to and serve diverse clients, and learn how to create inclusive meetings where everyone feels welcome.