Equality Institute


Equality Institute provides half, full day and 1hour trainings on LGBTQ communication, customer service, cultural sensitivity, and sales and marketing. The trainings address common issues of LGBT implicit bias and LGBT microaggressions. We will customize and adapt for each company's unique needs and concerns.

Keynotes & Other Presentations

Our expertise is holistic LGBT 360 inclusion. 

We help you hire diverse teams, build a culture of LGBTQ inclusion, then earn and keep the business of the LGBTQ community.

Our most popular topics include:

  • Un-Assuming Assumptions: How to Reduce Legal Exposure by Navigating the Changing Boundaries of Gender

  • Your Front Line Risk: How to Prevent a Viral Incident from Sabotaging Your Marketing Spend

  • Family Matters: How to Earn and Keep the Business of LGBTQ Parents

  • Over the Rainbow: How to Truly Earn the Business of the LGBTQ Market

  • Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Meetings and Events

We tailor each topic for your needs. Training of trainers also available for all programs.