LGBTQ+ Inclusive Meetings & Events Certificate Course

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LGBTQ+ Inclusive Meetings & Events Certificate Course


More and more folks are identifying as LGBTQ, and gender diversity is expanding with 32 million Americans identifying as LGBTQ+. This course is for meeting professionals who want to create warm experiences for all of their attendees. But what types of gender identities should you prepare for, and what are the different elements you can alter to make everyone feel more welcome?

Discover the tools and know-how to confidently sell, market to and serve this emerging market, and learn how to avoid misgendering or displaying unconscious bias towards your LGBTQ guests. Help your meetings, events, sales and marketing teams—as well as front line employees—feel comfortable and confident serving all guests regardless of their gender identity.

Learner Outcomes

  • Find new ways to market and appeal to the LGBTQ attendees

  • Learn how NOT to display unconscious bias or misgender an attendee

  • Discover best practices for successful onsite event management during events which may have gender diverse attendees

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What's in it for me?

*Equality Institute (EI) certificate badge you can proudly display on your website

*certificate of completion by email

Dates and Times

Register anytime and take the course at your pace. This course is particularly valuable for those who can't take the course live.

Do I have to do homework?

Yes! We will assign practical, useful homework assignments and each participant is required to submit homework in order to complete the program.

Is there a test?

Yes, there is a 10 question course completion quiz that you are expected to complete with at least a 70% score.

How long is the course?

There are about 8 videos of varying lengths totaling approximately 2 hours, plus short homework and a quiz.

Can I rewatch the sessions?

Yes, you can go back through the program as many times as you need to before you complete the program.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $249. The payment is non-refundable but is transferable if you cannot attend but want to send someone else instead.

Is graduation guaranteed?

No, but if you watch the videos, participate in discussion, do your homework, and pass the quiz with at least a 70%, then there's no reason you shouldn't successfully complete the program.

Can my entire staff participate?

Absolutely, but we require each individual to register and participate separately. The certificate is per individual, not per company. This is to avoid a situation where an employee moves onto another company but the original company maintains the certificate, even though no other staff have been trained.

Can you provide the course to my entire staff and provide a company-wide certificate?

Yes, of course! Please email info {at} theequalityinstitute {dot} com to discuss.