What Would You Do?

A recent episode of the ABC show "What Would You Do?" is very illustrative of a situation that can happen anywhere. In this episode, a transgender woman is shopping at a clothing store and is mistreated by the store clerk. Both are actors. Customers (who are not actors) witness the negative attitude and behavior of the clerk and, in every single scene that is broadcast, speak up and come to the shopper's defense. It's beautiful and remarkable. You can watch the clip below.

Sadly, this is something transgender shoppers experience regularly. Sometimes it's the customers with the bad attitude and sometimes it's the clerk. Unfortunately, in 29 states, it's perfectly legal for a business to refuse services to a customer such as this trans woman (or any other person who is LGBTQ, or perceived to be). 

How have your employees been prepared to effectively serve transgender customers and resolve conflicts that may arise?