Beyond the Rainbow

My colleague Jenn T. Grace recently released her fourth LGBTQ book and we love it. Beyond the Rainbow shares sage insights to bring businesses up to speed with LGBTQ culture and inclusion.

Beyond the Rainbow is incredibly practical, a fast and easy read, and full of stories that illustrate her points in a way that just make sense. One of the things I liked about the book were the stories that Jenn shared from her own experience working in corporate America, and some of the challenges she faced being out in the workplace. LGBTQ employees still struggle with this and the more employers can do to be supportive of their LGBTQ employees, the likelier they are to win the war for talent.

Although authenticity is a buzzword, there is no secret sauce to become authentic. Companies who are authentic about choosing to have an inclusive workforce and choosing to serve the LGBTQ community will be more successful. It's simple, but it's not easy. Beyond the Rainbow provides logical strategies for authenticity, such as how a company responds and supports its LGBTQ employees and customers after an event like the Pulse massacre.

The LGBTQ market is a 900+ billion dollar market annually in the U.S. alone. Companies can't afford to make mistakes, either with their internal policies or in their customer service efforts. Beyond the Rainbow is practical primer for increasing LGBTQ inclusion that every HR manager, Marketing director, and even small business owner should read.