Managing Bias

Many times, team members find themselves in situations they would never expect and were never trained for. I've spoken to managers who have been approached by guests expressing frustration at the diverse clientele in a hotel. For example, I trained a sales manager who struggled with how to respond to a guest complaining about a drag queen convention at a hotel. I've personally experienced guests at same-sex weddings come up to my team to vent and discuss their conflicted feelings about being present. Is your team prepared to respond to such bias? 

How is your team prepared to respond if they see a racially motivated conflict between hotel guests? 

Is your team prepared to comfortably interact with a guest whose gender is nonconforming? 

I've trained directors who want to be prepared to answer questions from LGBTQ clients about how to ensure safety during a ceremony in a public area (such as a beach). Can you answer this question?

The good news is that our team is skilled in facilitating trainings to empower your team to manage these situations. Our interactive trainings with ample role plays and mock scenarios ensure that each team member has the space to keep it real and ask questions. We are not afraid to create discomfort because we know that's where the truth is, and when we uncover truths, we can create change and empower everyone. That's our goal.