Guidelines to Enhance Your Company's LGBTQ Inclusivity

Ensuring your LGBTQ team members feel safe and valued at work starts with human resources policies that respect their role in the work place.

Policies and Benefits

  • Include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression in non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.

  • Recognize LGBTQ couples/families with equal access to all company benefits.

  • Ensure that global health coverage includes complete health benefits for transgender employees.

Talent Management and Professional Development

  • Establish and support LGBT employee resource groups.

  • Recruit, hire, and offer mentoring to LGBT employees

  • Provide leadership development experiences specifically for LGBT employees.

  • Track recruitment and career development metrics for LGBT employees who choose to self identify.

Workplace Climate

  • Provide diversity training with specific reference to LGBT issues

  • Use anonymous climate surveys to measure effectiveness of LGBT diversity policies and programs.

  • Include LGBT diversity objectives in management performance goals.

  • Communicate routinely to all employees about how the organization supports its LGBT workforce.

Community Commitment

  • Support nonprofit groups working for LGBT equality.

  • Sponsor and encourage visible participation in LGBT cultural events.

  • Include LGBT images in marketing and advertising strategies .

  • Include LGBT owned businesses in supplier diversity program objectives.

Advocacy and Corporate Responsibility

  • Be a visible role model for LGBT workplace equality in the community.

  • Support public policy efforts that protect LGBT workplace equality.

  • Oppose actively any attempts that would limit or restrict LGBT workplace equality.

Adapted from Out & Equal's 20 Steps to an Out and Equal Workplace